“MarianoFoods.com is like having an Italian genie that delivers food right from a village in Italy to your doorstep any time you ask for it” - Chris Costello - Columbia, Mississippi

Started as an outlet to send a “little piece of home” to family and friends spread out around the country, MarianoFoods.com has grown into a destination that serves thousands of customers with the most authentic and real deal Italian foods available today.

Since 2006 when our first basket was shipped we’ve had a simple litmus test within our company.  Unlike other companies who base their success on margins, goals, financial records, or efficiency, we’ve always based our success on the amount of crying phone calls we receive.

As you know, Italians are a passionate group and when something strikes a cord the joy is just too much to control.  This is why we do what we do.  Nothing brings joy like Italian food!

Our first crying phone call was back in ‘06 from our favorite customer, the aunt of our founder’s wife who came from Italy as a teenager.  Auntie Rose was so happy with the basket that she called our office number crying with joy.  

Every basket we ship, every product that we add to our store, every time we do anything, we ask ourselves, “would this bring tears of joy to Auntie Rose?”  If the answer is no, we don’t do it.

If you’re looking for authentic Italian foods or gift baskets that will deliver overwhelming joy, you’ve found the right place!

Welcome to the family...