The Taste Of Tuscany Basket

$ 130.00

This overflowing, beautiful and mouth watering gift basket will take you or your recipient back to the old country with just one look.  When a trip to Italy is out of the budget, this stunning gift basket will do just the trick.  Our Taste of Tuscany basket is what we are famous for and our best seller, so put your trust in this for all of your gift giving needs!

Basket Contents:

12oz Prosciutto & Provolone Stuffed Peppers
10oz Sharp Provolone Wedge
1lb Spaghetti
1lb Linguini
9oz Citterio Calabrese chub
9oz Citterio Calabrese chub
8.5oz Aged Balsamic Condimenti
8.5oz Extra Virgin Olive Oil
12oz Premium Pizza Sauce
12oz Giardiniera
Roasted Garlic & Caramelized Onion Jam (not pictured)
1 Forno Bonomi Amaretti Cookies
1 Walker Shortbread Cookie
2 Imported Tarrone
2 Biscotti
1 Gourmet Coffee
Ferrero Rocher Chocolates
Assorted Candy Fillers 

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