The Auntie Rose Test Explained. November 26 2019 was launched in 2006 as an Italian food importer, wholesale, and retail outlet.  While providing food to restaurants in other parts of the country was amazing, it was the phone calls and emails from customers that inspired us.  Italian food has an uncanny way of bringing out the best in people and the senders and recipients of our baskets shared their stories.

Then came time to send a gift to Aunt Rose.  This women immigrated to America many decades ago and has enough love for her country, culture, family, and food to make you cry.  Should we send her a food gift basket?  Probably not.  That would be like sending Michael Jordan a pair of sneakers. 

After some deliberation, the best basket was sent.  The phone call was amazing.  Tears, many thanks, emotions, love, etc.  It was a feeling that I'll never forget.  Not only did this gift basket touch her life forever but each and every ingredient was put to use.  That was the day that it was written. will never source products that we wouldn't want to send to Auntie Rose.

When you need to make an everlasting impression, you only get one chance.  The internet is filled with pretty gift baskets packed with fancy products, bows, ribbons, jars, bottles, and bags.  The sad truth is that most of these products were chosen based on packaging, shelf life, size, and popularity.  Every item found on our site was handpicked with one thing in mind, will this make Auntie Rose cry with joy?

Buon Appetito!