Caffe Kimbo Espresso Napoletano 8.8 oz (Ground)

$ 13.50

Espresso coffee---often mispronounced as “expresso”---harkens back to the humble beginnings of this hearty after dinner and desert beverage. In 1903, its credited inventor, Luigi Bezzara, began experimenting with a quicker way to brew coffee.

By sheer error, he found that by infusing boiling water and steam through whole coffee beans, a much stronger and aromatic cup of coffee was produced in less time. His newly invented method of brewing and the strong, resulting product became immensely popular. Of course, brewing espresso has changed over the years, but the basic principle of forcing water, steam and air through coffee makers, is still paying off!

We proudly carry a distinct selection of regular and decaffeinated premium Italian espresso coffee, with the kind of old country aroma and flavor that perfectly and leisurely tops traditional Italian meals.

This special grind of Neapolitan roasted coffee, gives this lovely espresso its characteristic smooth creamy texture and superb taste.

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