About Us

Our Company:
Mariano Foods, LLC is a family owned company based in Connecticut that specializes in spreading our beloved food and culture throughout the United States to parts of the country where the food is not as readily available.  Started as an outlet for family members that moved away from home to enjoy the tantalizing foods they were raised on, MarianoFoods.com has grown into the leading Italian food and gift basket distributor on the web offering a wide selection of your favorite Italian products and gifts.

Our Promise:
The authenticity of our products will not be rivaled.  Our mission is to bring the old country to your doorstep.  When we send out a package or gift basket, we're sending out a box of joy, a feeling, an experience, one that will teleport anybody to the countryside of Italy.  If you've had the feeling, you know what we're talking about.  We promise to deliver it!

Our customers:
Our customer base consists of individuals and companies spread out throughout the country. Our award winning online store can handle orders of 1 product for a quick snack or 10,000 lbs of product for the launch of a new restaurant.  While offering low rates via UPS and Free Shipping on all gift baskets, we make it possible for everyone to enjoy a taste of the old country!

Why shop with us:
We want your shopping experience to be enjoyable and painless.  We have been online for many years and understand the hassle of online ordering and have gone above and beyond to make your experience here not only safe and secure but quick and pleasant!  If you have any questions, give us a call or email and we'll respond quickly.

Welcome to the family...